Oh man, tonight was toooooo much. 😁

The classics. (Photo by Devyn Galindo)


On October 2nd @ 10 a.m., call chancellor Pradeep Khosla and demand that UCSD drop their eviction lawsuit against the Ché Café Collective.The university recently left the negotiating table and has moved forward with an eviction lawsuit that will go to trial on October 10.Please share widely.All out to defend the Ché! All power to the collectives! An injury to one collective, is an injury to all collectives!

you can also sign their petition here!
Best of luck to the collective!
California enacts state ban on plastic bags | Al Jazeera America



deeg5599: #selifie game strong 

My boys! 😁😁
Mexican soul sister. Resting on her boob. We be drunk in WeHo. I met two guys from this season’s Project Runway. 😁😁😁
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