#throwbackthursday to the night where I busted my ass on a mechanical bull. Post-ride response, not happy 😠
Pretty sure I’ve been drunk all day. Is that bad!? 😁
See the little ball up in the right corner, this dog is the cuuuutest. It lays down, let’s the ball roll down to the water, and just sits and watches it float in the water until it’s owner yells at it to pick it up. Hahaha daaaaaaawwwhhh 😍😍
S’mores & coffee by the beach. Ughhhhhhh I’m so happy 😊😘
It literally doesn’t get better than this 🌊☀️😎 vacation starts meow.

Was watching a livestream of the events in Ferguson earlier tonight before the conflict between police and protestors broke out. I’m just wondering, so as a police force you’re dressed in full riot gear, but in response to a few glass bottles being thrown, you fire smoke bombs, flash grenades, tear gas, and rubber bullets???…in response to bottles being thrown!?!? I’m pretty sure we know who is instigating the chaos…..just sayin’..

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